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The Big Lady | The Buff Brahma

Brahmas originated in India and are named for the Brahmaputra River there. They reached the UK in the mid-1850s, and in the United States around the same time. When the birds were first introduced to the UK, they were known as the Brahma Poutras and were also a favorite of Prince Albert. Brahmas are heavily feathered, staid and matronly in appearance. Their feet and legs are heavily feathered and they are one of the larest breeds of chicken. They’re known to be mellow and hardy, with the ability to tolerate both heat and cold.

My Buff Brahma hatched on June 22, 2011 at Privett Hatchery. I picked her up from the local feed store as a day-old chick. Brahma-mama started laying in December 2011, and as of this writing, is a prolific layer of jumbo-sized light brown eggs. To date, she has also laid two double-yolkers, with the eggs weighing 105g and 99g, respectively. (A large egg weighs 56.6g). Her position in the flock of 14 is somewhere in the middle, even though she’s one of the three original remaining chickens. Brahma-mama is a talkative lady and a loud squawker (especially when she wants to lay and someone’s in her box), but she’s also friendly, gentle, and lets me pick her up.

What I love most about the Brahma is her gentle nature. And because she’s such a big girl, watching her run across the yard is quite a comical site. Best of all, she lays the biggest eggs out of all of them.

Egg size: The books say relatively small. Mine are jumbo.

More photos of the Brahma-mama:

Nine weeks old, in the new chicken coop.

Seven weeks old, sunning with the Buff Orpington.

Six weeks old, and outside in the garden for the first time.

Clockwise from top left: One week, two weeks, three weeks, and four weeks.

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